Intuitive and easy

Let Yank™ run in the background while you listen to your favorite music app. Simply yank the headphones out of your phone if you encounter a problem and let the app do the rest.


Text Alerts

And email notifications

Set up to three emergence contacts. Yanking the headphones starts an emergecy sequence during which your contacts receive text and/or email alerts notifying them that there may be an issue.



Send your GPS location

Each notification sent automatically contains an embedded link to a mapped GPS location letting up to three of your emergency contacts know your exact location where the incident occured.

A great app to give me a little more peace of mind.

Bethany R., college student

I love the simplicity. It's the perfect app!

John P., avid runner

The Perfect Companion

Yank™ is the perfect companion app that is an intuitive alert mechanism perfect for runners, college students, hikers, and more. Simply plug in your headphones, activate Yank™, and let it run in the background as you listen to your favorite music application. If you feel threatened, become injured, or encounter an issue, just yank your headphones out of your mobile device to initiate the alert sequence. Users in immediate danger can send an instant alert with one tap.


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